Hmong Festival and Lifestyle

Hmong Festival and Lifestyle

In the region of Vietnam, the Hmong people are one of the largest traditional minorities. They are mainly concentrated in the mountains which are located in the northern region of this country, and they live at higher altitudes. The unique traditional group has co-existed, and it can be easily recognized by the way the Hmong people dress and from their traditions during the Hmong festival.

Hmong Festival

The Black Hmong’s are well known for their traditional indigo blue attire and their handicraft. On the other side the Flower Hmong’s used to wear the colorful clothes and it is not difficult to search them at the market days.

Hmong people Lifestyle and attractive traditional clothing designs

The religious life and cultural beliefs are extensively rich; especially for the love songs and embroidery, the Hmong people are well known. During the marriage, the bride joins her husband’s households. The series of wedding event has taken via so many songs by marking each and every moment of bride’s transition. Most of the bride wealth, ethnically is silver, should be paid by the groom’s family to the bride’s family. This payment symbolizes as a sanction on groom behavior, in case if she misbehaved, the husband’s family can demand its return.

If you consider the festival of Hmong people, the New Year is one among them. This begins on the 12th lunar month on the 30th day; it is a time of honoring the household spirits and family’s ancestors, but also for visiting other villages and playing the communal games. In the part of Southeast Asia rows of unmarried boys and girls play catch with a cloth ball. These types of games may lead to further meetings between young couples and eventually to marriage.

Info about the traditional Hmong clothes of Laos

These days, the people of Laos are rarely seen in their traditional clothes, instead you’d find them in modern Hmong clothes such as the ones found from the website The traditional dress of this category people is much similar to the Hmong community. The Hmong people dispersed among various parts of the Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos.

In the olden days, the traditional Hmong Toj Siab clothes were hand woven, and it is usually made up of hemp. Now-a-days, the attires are made with the help of help of artificial materials by using the stitching machines. You can get tremendous types of patters and designs in the Laos clothing. The colors of the clothes range from the common colors such as white and black to the bright and vibrant colors such as blue, green and pink.

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